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Team 1 : Cellular Immunity and Immunogenetics of Viral infections and Vaccines (I2V2) -


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Head: Brigitte Autran

The Research Team « Cellular Immunity and Immunogenetics of viral infections and vaccines (I2V2) » directed by Pr Brigitte Autran dedicates its researches to two tightly linked themes on:

- "T cell Immunity to HIV, Virus-induced Cancers and Vaccines"

is particularly studied by Pr B Autran and Dr Guislaine Carcelain with a 20 years experience on immunity to HIV. The group studies correlates of protection against HIV and associated pathogens as well as the reconstitution of the immune system with antiretroviral therapies and develops new immune-based interventions for the long term management of the HIV infection. The group currently explores the T cell correlates of protection to HIV by focusing mainly on two groups of patients with a spontaneous or a therapy-induced long term control of the virus in order to define and evaluate therapeutic vaccine strategies to reduce the reservoir of the virus. The translationnal researches and the links developed between basic and clinical research give the group an international position in the HIV field. The group also develops researches on the immune control of virus-induced cancers such as due to HCV, HerpesViruses and HPV. In parallel will be studied T cell immunity to oncogenic viruses, in the context of the long term management of the HIV, to emerging viruses (chikungunya, influenza) to further understand how T cells can help control various virus infection models. T cell responses and long term memory to viral vaccines is particularly studied in the context of immune-suppressed individuals focusing on poxviruses, influenza and yellow fever vaccines in addition to therapeutic vaccines to HIV or HPV.

- "Immunogenetics of chronic viral Infections"

is studied by Dr Ioannis Theodorou with a 10 years experience on Immunogenetics studies of MHC or chemokine/chemokine receptors genes influence on the HIV infection in national and international cohorts of HIV-infected patients. I Theodorou’s responsibility of the ANRS genomics platform provides a unique opportunity to develop large, competitive human-genome wide analysis of large cohorts, replacing the prior gene candidate approach.


Both groups collaborate together particularly on the role of the MHC alleles in the immune control of viruses.The team maintains strong links with research teams from the same Unit working on anti-viral immunity (V Appay) and vaccine strategies (B Combadière), and within IFR 113, particularly with the clinical and epidemiological research on HIV Inserm unit-943 (C Katlama & D Costagliola) and continues developing important national, european and international collaborations and networking.

The Research Team is composed of 15-18 persons with senior university and hospital researchers (PU-PH, MCU-PH, AHU and PH) Inserm Ingeneer, post-docs, doctorants, Master degree students and technicians, in two strongly interacting sub-groups.