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Immunity and Infection INSERM/UPMC UMRS 945

The INSERM unit 945 "Immunity and Infection" was created by the tight association of two former INSERM units each with a recognized expertise (notably in HIV and malaria infections), in cellular immunity and immunopathology, in molecular parasitology and vaccinology. It comprises 6 teams committed to the development of programmes relevant for public health both in Northern and Southern countries.


Taking advantage of its very close connections with reference infectious disease teams present on-site, the unit handles several translational projects spanning a wide spectrum of approaches from basic laboratory to clinical research, along three main lines:


      1. Host-pathogen interactions
           . Immune responses and immunogenetic of infections, 
           . Inflammation and chemokines polymorphism,
           . Immune regulation,
           . Immune senescence, immune memory to vaccines,
           . Pathophysiology of HIV infection and malaria.
        2.  Biodiversity
        . T, B- and NK-cells repertoires, 
           . Malaria parasites,
           . Cellular host proteins stimulated by infection,
        3.  Innovative tools for immunotherapy, notably vaccines (experimental murine models, new models of vaccine administrations or of vaccines targeting pathogenesis).

The unit is part of the Federative Institute 113 "Immunity, cancer, infection" co-directed by one of its members, and collaborates closely with its various units, including Clinical Departments of Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine. It also benefits from the support of several technical scientific platforms at the Faculty of Medicine Pierre et Marie Curie: animal facilities, flow cytometryNouvelle fenêtre, imagingNouvelle fenêtre, genetics, post genomicsNouvelle fenêtre, insectariumNouvelle fenêtre.

Not least, the Paris University Pierre and Marie Curie offers an outstanding environment of scientific and technical expertises, such as mathematics, bioinformatics and genetics, allowing original conceptual explorations of the biology of host - pathogens interactions.

In conclusion, rooted in the fields of parasitology, clinical immunology, cancer and auto-immunity, the core identity of the UMR INSERM unit 945 is an integrated vision of life science and human medicine, aiming at permanent and productive connexions between clinical observations and genetic or immunologic paradigms, between recent research concepts and therapeutic application.

Steering Committee:

Dominique Mazier

Patrice Debré

Brigitte Autran

Philippe Deterre

Administrative contacts:

Maryse Gerain

Pascale Saurel

Sandrine Gromat